Nanjing Chenghang Sirun Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 2016. It is a high-tech
enterprise focusing on advanced microbial technology, engaged in water pollution environmental treatment,
domestic waste, and kitchen waste equipment research and development and production. Providers, operators, and
service providers of garbage, food waste, smart ecological and environmental protection, and epidemic prevention
toilet solutions
The company has established close cooperative relations with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Agricultural
University and other Institutions of higher learning, and the China Bio-Environmental Technology Industry Alliance it
has always maintained the two core competitiveness of high-tech solutions and high-level management services to
achieve efficient layout and scientific management. And precise service. The company's solid waste treatment
optimizes products from the three stages of design, process, and process control, strictly controls product quality,
and makes products develop toward “zero defect” intelligent development For the ecological environment 145
advocates the goal of "carbon neutrality and "carbon peaking to move forward.


● Policy Support
○ "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid
○ "Sanitation Standards for Urban Public Toilets" GB/T17217-98;
○ "Emission Standard of Odor Pollutants" GB14554-93;
○ Policies and regulations such as "Requirements for the Non-hazardous Fecal Hygiene" GB7959-2012


 1. No solid-liquid separation required
Unique technology, integrated treatment of urine and feces.
2. Internet of things plasma air purification and disinfection equipment
Adopt medical-grade plasma air purification technology to effectively sterilize bacteria and viruses in the room
air. Removal of PM2.5 can degrade harmful and foxic gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, xylene,
elc in the air, and can efficiently remove smoke, smoke and other pollutants. The clean air formed by the
mixture of negative axygen ions and air can not only provide a clean and sterile environment, but also make
the air fresher.
3. "Three Zeros" Emissions
Zero pollution, zero emissions, and zero waste.
The treatment process has no odor, no waste liquid, no waste, and gas emissions are far below the relevant
national standards.

Using the combination of microbial decomposition technology and electromechanical integrated control
technology, the fecal waste is decomposed into harmless and odorless gas in a timely manner to completely
isolate the leakage and spread of pollution sources.
No septic tank, no sewage pipe, no flushing, no cleaning.
Provide new solutions for toilet infrastructure and management: sanitation, environmental protection, energy
saving, worry and trouble.

Solution = core decomposition system + intelligent control system + Graphene electric heating film station
heating system.
1. Core decomposition system
The core decomposition system consists of a decomposition tank device, self developed patented
microorganisms and special carriers.
The decomposition tank is installed under the toilet/squat pit, no septic tank, no sewage pipe, no cleaning.
The core decomposition system does not require solid-liquid separation treatment, directly decomposes large
and small feces into non-toxic, harmless, and odorless gas Fal one time, and discharges back to nature;
Completely eliminate the source of pollution and achieve the effect of epidemic prevention and elimination.


Intelligent control system
The Intelligent control system monitors the core decomposition system in real time, and automatically
regulates the humidity and decomposition speed. Digital operation and maintenance management platform.
3. Graphene electric heating film station heating system
Large heat dissipation area, fast thermal response, energy saving and environmental protection, can be made
of complex structure, shape, long service life. good reliability. and convenient installation and maintenance.