Feel the ultra-thin & slim

device body with your hands. P2's HD 5.5” all-screen, 17.6mm thickness of its thinnest body (35.7% reduced compared with the last generation), and slip-resistant rear cover make it the best choice for merchants.

One device, all payments.

P2 supports omni payment channels including magnetic strip card, IC card, NFC and QR code.

High print speed

high-efficient transactions. The print speed is increased by 33.3% compared with the last generation product, which cut the waiting time drastically.

Extensive use realized by high-end
fingerprint identification technology.

FBI/STQC certified, FAP 10.

It can be extensively used in disbursing relief fund, cash withdrawal, voting in well as fingerprint attendance system and to identify store owners/staff...
*An optional feature not included in the standard configuration.

Dual card, dual standby.

The simultaneous network connections featuring real-time response offer you worry-free experience.
Dual SIM card slots. Dual 4G.

Removable battery.
The removable Li-polymer battery responds to the need of a long worktime of multiple shifts.

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Banking card

Tianyu has rich experience of EMV migration and able to offer end to end solution to all relevant technologies of banking cards and covers the complete industrial chain of Card design, application development, production and packaging.

Tianyu owns full set of certificates issued by global organizations like VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express and UnionPay.

For decades, Tianyu continuously improves its R&D capability and production facility to achieve worldwide customers’ targets.

Tianyu is the member of core development team to China UnionPay of UICS, also known as PBOC, the standard specifications for China financial IC card. Tianyu is also the member of China EMV migration advisory group for the contribution of research on card personalization and multi-application functions.

It is a huge honor that Tianyu is the first vendor in China who supplied the Dual-Interface banking card which integrated with multi-functions of Java/GP, UICS(PBOC), debit/credit card, micro payment, qPBOC and application for industries.

Customization capability: Tianyu offers all possible options for customers to make their best choices and Tianyu completes the development and delivery.
Products Range: EMV cards, Visa, MasterCard, UPI, American Express, JCB, CPA, Debit, Credit, Prepaid, etc.

Telecom card

We owns the full line of classic Telecom cards, classic SIM, USIM, UIM, EVDO, USIM-LTE which are functional with various OTA and STK value-added applications.

USIM-LTE is evolved with more powerful functions and safer authentication method compare to the existing SIM cards and it is also downward compatible of regular SIM functions which makes it working normally when the areas are not covered by LTE network or the user is holding 2/3G mobile phone.

We USIM-LTE already passed the comprehensive testing process from both China Mobile and China Unicom and supplying to them on a large scale

Product description

Boswin SWP-SIM card was developed based on Single wire protocol to realize the NFC (Near Field Communication) function to the NFC phones and brings more conveniences to customers by making it simpler and faster to make transactions, exchange digital contents or connect electronic devices with just a simple tap.

Product advantage
Boswin SWP-SIM card mobile payment solution applies to multiple payment application scenarios and business demand patterns.

Boswin SWP-SIM card complies with JAVA and GP standards. It’s fully compatible with standard SIM card, with its spaces divided into several areas, and each area has a logically separated security domain. It can be used in such applications as financial payment, identity authentication, citypass card, etc.

Business Case
• Beijing Municipal Traffic Card
• Ningbo Citizen Card
• Wuxi Citizen Card
• Changzhou Citizen Card
• Suzhou City Card
• Nanchang Hong City Card
• Chongqing South District Government Access Control Project

ESIM Embedded SIM card (eSIM) in the terminal has all the regular SIM card functions, which ultimately provide consumers with an option of switching operators and charge plans without requesting a new SIM card.

Boswin eSIM platform can control eSIM devices remotely, which can implement functions in terms of access and management of customer data by remote control, download through OTA and switch operators.

It complies with GSMA, Platform formula, GSMA SGP.02/SGP.22 specification, and GSMA SAS-SM Development and Management. It supports GSMA Security requirements.

Transport Card

A citypass card, mainly involved in individual’s identification and payment scenarios, the card completes its fast settlement and payment on the public utilities: payment bills, the finance, Public transportations, medical services, etc. It guarantees identification and information storage inquiry in various domains. That’s quite mature applications, as enumerated below:

• Transportation: bus, metro, ferry;
• Public utilities: Water, electricity, gas, cable TV;
• Financial application: Super market
• Traveling: scenic spot ticket, sport game ticket;
• Medical service: Treatment charge;
• Social security: Elderly card;
• Refueling: Fuel, gas.

ID Cards / Social Security Cards

ID Card/social security card is designed by the Ministry of labor and social security of unified standard. The social security department issue for the community of Insurance business by integrated circuit card (IC card). The social security card has multiple applications that include financial / medical care / social security functions.

The feature of social security card
• A reliable identification.
• A reliable electronic archive to record the basic info of medical care for future cross-check by the social security bureau.
• Supporting off-line social security transactions.
• The applications can be extended for more purposes, such as EMV electronic payment.

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