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Boswin Group

Boswin Group of Companies [Pvt] Ltd founded with endless inspirations from the evolving business landscaping which persuses to explore the horizone in trading business opportunities of the 21st century.This Group of Companies has emerged as a fast growing limited liability group in Hong Kong, China, Canada, United Kingdom,Turkey, Africa,Italy & Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Provision of latest technological and integral solutions to customers to make their needs satisfactorily fulfilled. The team players of the company to dedicate their energy, knowledge, skills, capacity, time, performance and commitment to the highest quality of the customer service. The local & global customer satisfaction is our main focus to reach through innovative and effective services will lead our service to transform the staff and offer rapid customer care.

Our Vision

Envisage and enhance ambitious business plans and investment oppertunities to beyond the horizon and the orbit for better tomorrow and venture Fintech, Medical, Technology, Agriculture, Education, Manufacturing, Exports, Trading for the upliftment of humanity & anthropomophism.

Our Services

Our Key Team Members

Our Global Leaders in the different sectors

Prasad Vidanalage

Chairman of Boswin China, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka

Alireza Hasanlouee

President of Canada,Italy,Turkey and Middle East


Saeed Rezaeian

Vice Chairman of global Boswin


Zhao Xinhong
Vice President - Health and Medical (China)
Kevin Mo

Chairman and President of UK and Monaco

Dr. Paymon Omidi

CMO - Boswin Group

Dr. Hasitha Warusawitharana
Vice President (Legal)
Zhang Yi
Vice President Cultural Relationship

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