Song Cheng International Pavillion

Song Cheng International part is a Joint project of the Song Cheng Group and the Boswin Group of companies. Song Cheng Group provide the facility and Boswin Group will undertake the management of the project. This has mainly distributed among 11 locations of Song Cheng international parks and get access to all the customers of Song Cheng visitors including Chinese and international tourist.

this project mainly has three sections namely Country Flagship store, Restaurants, Supermarket. In addition to any authentic cultural product or service could be given to potential partners.

We invite all the interesting partners from Belt and road countries and respective country embassy/consulate general recommendation will be an added advantage in the registration process.

Project Locations : Project will be established in the performance parks ( amusement parks ) of Hangzhou , Sanya, Shanghai, Xi-an, Lijiang, Juhai, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Tanhe, Yicun, Zhengzhou and the locations will implement step. by step in the order mentioned here.

first location is at Hangzhou and average visits per day is about 50000 tourists and located in the First world five star hotel with 380 room guests also.

Partners Benifits

  • Opportunity to enter Chinese market
  • Opportunity to access to all song Cheng Park visitors.
  • Online Presence via WeChat shop, Alibaba etc.
  • No Rental, only sales commission
  • Can employee your own staff
  • Monthly settlement
  • Company setting up facility
  • Labor Migration support
  • Work permit support
  • China Top Travel Locations
  • Enough Space as you need

Partner Cooperate Model

Different kind of partnerships will be setup with the different business partners, but the general common fact is we do not charge rental for the location. however we charge commission based on the sales value.

  1. Restaurants
    • Introduction of restaurant
    • Required size
    • Layout / floor plan
    • Requirements
    • List of food items and prices
    • Company registration certificate
    • Recommendation form embassy/ consulate
    • Filled online application
    • Filled agreement
  2. Country pavilion
    • Introduction about the company
    • Recommendation from embassy / consulate
    • Company registration certificate
    • Online application to be filled
    • Products and services list
    • Price list (selling price list)
    • Filled agreement
    • Interior designing concept
    • Required size
Supermarket suppliers
  • Introduction about the company
  • Company registration certificate
  • Online application to be filled
  • Products Price list (selling price list)
  • Filled agreement

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Who can Join

Any foreign own company or foreign partnered local company can join. If the foreign company dose not have company in china we provide the assistance to setup the company as well.

What is the Cost of Partners

We provide the location based on revenue share basis ( percentage is different for different industries). Utility bills, and minor interior designing has to done by customer to give the authentic feeling of the pavilion.

Can we Just Supply Products

Anyone can supply products to Supper market , but the products has to imported in a proper channel to China. and VAT invoice has to provide.

What are the Benefit of country Pavilion

Country pavilions are provided to the companies recommended with respective embassies and have the freedom to display country culture and other products and services. it can be your own country authenticity and staff and control.

What is the Income for Pavilion

Except the revenue share to the International Pavilion all other income are belongs to you.

Do i Have any rental ?

NO. only revenue share

What Commission I have to Pay

Different Industries different rates and it is negotiable.

Can i Bring My Own staff from my country?

Yes , and you are welcome.

Will you Provide the Work Permits

We provide the work-permit support

Can i Register a company In China

Yes you can and we provide the assistance to do so.

What is the Customer base I can reach

You can reach millions of Tourist visit to to Song Cheng amusement parks, Hotels Guests, Function Guests etc.

When is the project Starts

Project have 12 locations and starting from Hangzhou. First Soft opening is on March 2022.

How can I contact you

Please write to us email or call or contact via WeChat or WhatsApp.
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